Robert A. Delgadillo, professionally known as RAD, is an artist whose work celebrates Hollywood, glamour, and pop culture. His art is defined by bold colors and energetic line. RAD’s illustrations have been featured in major corporate advertising campaigns, received national and international press coverage, exhibited in museum and fine art galleries, and have appeared on the exterior of buildings throughout Los Angeles.

Working and collaborating with a diverse group of clientele, from privately owned businesses to household name corporations, RAD provides clients with his expertise in illustration, art direction, character design, and brand identity.

Since his debut on the commercial art scene in 2005, RAD’s brand portfolio continues to grow and his artwork can be found in the collections of some of Hollywood’s most well known celebrities.

RAD is a Southern California native.

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RAD _ Robert A. Delgadillo

Artist- RAD _ Robert A. Delgadillo